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At Housecheck NSW, we specialize in providing essential Building and Pest Inspection services in Sydney. With a keen focus on ensuring your property investment is safe and informed, our experienced professionals meticulously assess every corner of your potential property. Our concise yet comprehensive reports empower you with the knowledge to make confident decisions. Trust Housecheck NSW to be your trusted guide as you navigate the exciting journey of property purchasing in Sydney. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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Neale showed up exactly on time. Gave an estimate lower than others had quoted. Got started on the job sooner than I expected and did a great job raising the wall and getting it ready for gates. He was very courteous and listened to what and how I wanted the job done. Would highly recommend this company. Thank you.

Tom from Cronulla

Neale showed up on time to review the project and give an estimate. The price was very reasonable and and in line with expectations. Neale and his team did a great job on the project. In addition he was very organised and did a very good job of cleaning up after the work was complete.

Andrea from Concord

HouseCheck simply got the job done. The report they provided was extremely impressive and very detailed. A very high quality service. Very professional. Great experience.

Melissa from Alexandria