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Safety Facts

About 50 children fall from windows or balconies in Australia each year. A report compiled over a 10 year period by the Children’s Hospital in Westmead stated that 91 of their hospital admissions were a result of children falling out of windows.

As a result the government passed legislation changes to reduce the risk of these incidences from occurring. As a result, the Building Code of Australia was amended affecting newly constructed buildings.

A later amendment to the Strata Schemes Management Act was also made meaning existing buildings need to meet these same requirements which come into affect on 13th MARCH 2018.


A government initiative has been started to promote an awareness  amongst the community to the dangers of window safety.

4 out of 5 children admitted to hospital because of a fall from a window were under 5 years;  80% had fallen more than two meters;  80% had significant /severe injuries;  3 out of 5 cases admitted to hospital were boys;  About half of the cases were associated with furniture near the window.

Children may fall out of windows if they are able to climb on furniture to reach the window or if they are jumping or playing on a bed near an open window. Injuries resulting from children falling from windows range from cuts and bruises to head injuries, broken limbs and even death.

The Building Code of Australia states, that where a person, including a child could fall through an open able window located more than 4 metres above a surface below, a balustrade or barrier (which may be constructed as the wall beneath the window sill, or a fixed window pane, among other solutions) must be constructed with a height of not less than 86.5cm above the floor beneath the window, and any opening in the barrier must not allow a 12.5cm sphere (round ball) to pass through it.


  • The Children’s Hospital at Westmead recommends that you have window latches/locks fitted to stop windows opening more than 12.5cm or guards to protect the opening (see Kids Can’t Fly Window Safety Product Guide).
  • Where possible, always open windows from the top.  Keep beds and other furniture away from windows, so that children cannot climb up to windows.
  • Do not rely on fly screens to prevent a child from falling out of a window. Falls Prevention Warning labels are available for purchase via the Australian Window Association:
  • Teach your child to play away from windows.
  • Always supervise children when near windows.


  • Falls from windows and balconies are greatest in young children aged between 2 and 4 years.
  • Fall incidents peak in the summer period.
  • Statistics show that among children under the age less than 14 years, boys are at a higher risk of injury than girls.