Who Needs a Building and Pest Inspection?

Anyone who buys, sells, owns, manages, or otherwise has dealings with the property industry needs building and pest inspection services.

  • Residential Property Investors
  • Building & Construction Contractors
  • Home Sellers & Buyers
  • Commercial Property Investors & Owners
  • Property Managers (strata title managers and body corporate’s)
  • Owners of Property (private agencies, businesses, or government buildings)

Building inspections are part of home ownership and the home buying or selling process in Australia. While it may seem tedious, it’s a real blessing in disguise.

It’s odd that so many people don’t consider building or pest inspection services. Some even disregard inspections just to save a few hundred dollars, which could result in the loss of thousands.

If you think that foregoing the building and pest inspection during the buying process will speed things up, you will soon discover how imperative building or pest inspections are for the following reasons.

Why are building and pest inspections important?

To Find Structural Problems

Defect disclosure is required by contract therefore, you should expect the vendor to be honest about disclosure. However, they don’t always know about every defect and that could cost you thousands in repairs after the sale.


  • Mould/Black mould can be covered with a new paint job or leaky roofing.
  • A newly tiled bathroom could really be a cheap renovation that didn’t include the essentials of waterproofing, which can result in wood rot, dampness issues, or pest troubles.

Unless you’re a building expert, it’s wise to consult with one and find out about the importance of building inspections. The hundreds you spend on this part of the process could save you thousands in post-sale repairs.

To Discover Faulty Electrical Wiring & Smoke Alarms

The dangers of poorly installed smoke alarms and faulty electrical wiring is very real. The two major dangers include fire and electrocution.

The smoke alarms should be in good working order. A building inspection to check the electrical wiring of a structure could save you from danger and thousands of dollars in repairs or electrical rewiring.

To Find Unsafe Areas of a Property

If you’re buying a family home, you need to know if there are any areas that may be unsafe for you and your family.


  • Is asbestos or other harmful material in the home?
  • Are there cracks in the walls or loose balustrades?

The discovery of these issues allows you to determine if you want to cover the costs of making the house safe or keep looking for another home that doesn’t come with these issues.

To Evaluate Extraneous Structures

The house, or other building, isn’t always the only structure on a property. Sheds, patios, gazebos, and other structures should also undergo a building and pest inspection for safety, compliance and to reduce potential repair costs.


  • It could cost you several thousand dollars to move a structure that doesn’t conform to the local council regulations. You may have to tear it down altogether.
  • Any structure that doesn’t meet local council regulations for whatever reason will cost you to fix, move, or remove.

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