The Biggest Mistakes Buyers and Sellers Often Make During Building and Pest Inspections

You have shopped around and searched for quite some time to find the perfect home. You feel confident that you found it and you are ready to have the building and pest inspection performed.

Do you know that many home buyers and sellers make mistakes during their building and pest inspections? If you want to avoid making the biggest mistakes buyers and sellers commonly make during building inspections, you need to know about these mistakes.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection examines your property, identifies problems, and writes an assessment report for your records. It is how you learn about what is happening with a property under the surface.

Building and pest inspections are helpful for buyers so they know what expenses they may incur due to problems. For sellers, it plays a role in the value of their property.

Property and pest inspections are imperative for numerous reasons, but primarily they help you regarding the largest investment you will likely make in your life.

It is vital that you avoid the following mistakes during a building inspection to further ensure your investment is protected.

#1 Not Doing Your Research

Before you choose a building and pest inspection service you need to know about them. You need to know their reputation and their qualifications for two things. You should ask these questions.

How long have you been in the building and pest inspection industry?
How many building inspections have you done?
What are your credentials and what kind of training and certifications do you have?
What did you do before you became a building and pest inspector?

It is smart to look for a building inspection service with inspectors that have had former experience in the contracting or building industries.

You will also want to ensure the inspection service provider keeps up with their certifications, keeping current with new laws and guidelines.

Not all states regulate the process of building and pest inspections, so it is important to do this research.

#2 Failing to Attend the Inspection

While you are not required to attend the inspection, it is a good idea. Why? It is a good idea because you get the complete picture of the inspection rather than just reading some report you may or may not understand.

Being present at the inspection allows the inspector, at his or her preference, to explain the details when they complete the process. They can even provide you on-the-spot estimates to help you speed up the process of buying or selling the property.

You should be there for them to go through the building and pest inspection after the fact so you have a clear and concise picture of the property.

#3 Not Reading the Report

Not reading the building and pest inspection report is a huge mistake. Perhaps you think you are not going to understand the defects as they are listed or what they mean regarding the value of the property.

One of the objectives of the building report is to inform buyers and sellers of what is wrong with a structure or property so they can determine whether to fix it before they sell it or whether they want to go to the expense of fixing it if they are buying.

Building and pest inspection services are there to help you know what it all means and even give you some information about whether it is worth what you’re asking or what you’re considering paying for a property.

Final Thoughts

Do your research, be there, ask questions without being a pest, and pay attention to any recommendations a building and pest inspector gives you. These are the basics that will help you avoid these common mistakes.

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